Michele enjoys hearing from her contacts. If you have generic questions that can be posted for others to see, please feel free to submit them using the “Contact Us” page.

Q:  Can you determine allergies and sensitivities?
A:  Yes. Using a multi faceted approach and a BIoEnergetic Assessment, we can get a very accurate picture of the foods and environmental stressors for your body. After they have been determined, I will commence you on a protocol to help your body recover and then manage those stressors.
Q:  I have concerns with my thyroid. How can you help?
A:  I have extensive education and experience working to help balance the thyroid and the affected systems in the body. I use an approach – directed by your body – that uses diet, exercises, stress management and support products as necessary. I have found working with many people over the years, there is not one definite protocol that works for everyone, but there are certain ‘rules and boundaries’ the thyroid seems to work within.
Q:  I am thinking of conducting a cleanse. How would I start?
A:  I am SO GLAD you asked this question.  So often I see people after the fact and there is damage that needs to be repaired.  In order to properly cleanse or detoxify, a person must ensure ALL of their excretory systems and cells are working optimally. This can only be assessed by someone who has been properly trained. Failing to do this, we are ‘forcing a cleanse’ and the body can become more damaged. This often causes a cycle of the person conducting cleanse after cleanse because they report – ‘They feel so good while cleansing, but then they feel poorly afterwards, so they cleanse again.’ I highly recommend people see a competent practitioner before commencing their cleanse to ensure optimal results.
Q:  My digestion seems to be getting worse. What kind of things do you do?
A:   This is a big question. Some people have very poorly functioning digestive system with little or no symptoms.  Others have been told their symptoms are ‘normal for their age.’ Yet, other have obvious and often worsening symptoms despite efforts to help. In my experience, almost everyone needs help to optimize their digestive system.  This can include diet and food recommendations, supplements, exercises, and energy treatments. I could go on for pages here, but the best thing is that you have recognized there is something that is not quite right. Please don’t procrastinate and make an appointment to see me.
Q:  Could the sleep issues I am experiencing be hormone related?
A:  Both men and women go through hormonal shifts at least 3 times throughout their lives. These shifts naturally would have few if any symptoms. However, if you are experiencing anything from skin concerns, to digestive changes, to joint pain, to hair loss, you might want to consider a connection to your hormones. Using your history, devices in my clinic and possible lab testing, we can determine the proper approach to address your concerns.
Q:  I am experiencing vague health concerns.  Can you help me with a plan to get me back on track?
A:  Our goal to prevent illness is prime. Working with a natural medicine practitioner who will guide you through all the media and marketing focused on health recently. Education is key in building an optimally functioning body. I will provide you with the keys you need to make the process smooth.

Q: How long do I stay on my supplement protocol?

A: The ultimate goal is to have your health concerns reversed through diet and health style changes. However, as most peoples digestive system are not optimal, nutritional deficiencies require supplement intervention. My goal is to bring my patient’s digestive system as close to optimal functioning as possible. By using supplements initially and then reducing the supplement load while optimizing diet and lifestyle habits. Regardless of your level of health everyone should be taking anywhere from 4 to 6 supplements per day.

Q: Do I need to use the supplements through you or can I purchase them in a store?

A: The supplements I use in my clinic are professional products. A professional product can only be distributed by practitioners who have maintained a recognized educational degree. The products themselves are pharmaceutically tested and are in therapeutic dose. Pharmaceutically tested means that the product that is listed on the label and dosage are actually what is in the bottle. This is important as some supplements can affects prescription medications. Most retail supplements do not endure this type of testing and monitoring. Therefore I recommend the brand and supplements be purchased.

Q: Would you recommend getting a flu vaccination?

A: That depends on the individual’s circumstances. Is the person already dealing with a disease or chronic illness? Do they have a compromised immune system? In general, if the person is reasonably healthy or has a compromised immune system when a flu vaccination is not recommended, I would recommend they investigate the alternatives available through natural health professionals.

Q: People are always saying I should drink more water. What are your thoughts regarding how much and from what source?

A: Well, that is a big question. I have done extensive research and study into the area of water and water metabolism in the body. We do need to replace water lost with water – not tea, coffee or any other type of liquid beverage. These are not metabolized the same way as water. So sweating, breathing, eliminating urine and stool all deplete water in our bodies. To metabolize water soluble vitamins like Vitamin C and B, water is crucial.
It is required for all enzymic reactions to take place in the body. Proper and optimal waste elimination, blood viscosity, blood pressure, body temperature and joint health all require optimal water levels.

Much research has been done in this area and the average person expels about 2 liters per day. More accurately, there is a formula that can be used to determine what your water intake should be.

Body weight divided by 2, multiply by 30 equals milliliters
Example: 200/2=100×30=3000 milliliters or 3 liters

As mentioned – Water needs to be replaced with Water. In fact, coffee, black tea (including green and white tea), alcohol and soft drinks all increase the need for water. They are really dehydrating.

Most people are chronically dehydrated. It takes 3 to 4 months of drinking your optimal water amount every day to rehydrate the body. As for the source of water – of course the more pristine the better. If you are fortunate to live in Saskatoon, the tap water is not too bad (without the chlorine of course). If you are looking for a filter system, reverse osmosis is one of the best. However, it is not very environmentally friendly as it takes about 11 liters to produce 1 liter of filtered water. Many people who have a cistern will have the waste water routed back into the water holding tank. Next would be a ceramic carbon block filtration system. This not only filters out the parasites, bacteria and contaminants, it also inhibits bacteria growth in the filter itself.

Most people will purchase purified water. Just ask the questions to make sure you are getting what you pay for.