My Favourite Things

Digestive Restore

This proprietary product is designed and produced exclusively for clients and patients of Michele Kralkay, DNM RHN.  The ingredients formulated in this product were considered in order to give Optimal Digestive Health. When coming up with the formula for Digestive Restore I wanted to include 5 blends of ingredients: Fiber Blend; Whole Food Blend; Enzyme Blend; Herbal Blend and Probiotic Blend.  Read more….. Digestive Restore Sell Sheet

LL’s Magnetic Clay Baths (available in the clinic)

LL’s Magnetic Clay is dedicated to providing 100% natural detoxification and supportive therapies with 
only a force that mother nature can accommodate us with. Our products are centered around the largest and most viable detoxification pathway in the body — the skin, and with over a decade of success in offering powerful foundational protocols to address environmental toxicity, LL’s Magnetic Clay remains committed to providing pure unadulterated natural products designed to enhance the well being and health of our customers.   Read more….Benefits of LL Magnatic Clay Baths

Ancient Minerals – Ultra Pure Topical Magnesium (available in the clinic)

Ancient Minerals magnesium products offer a convenient form of transdermal magnesium — absorbed through the skin — for those who prefer to avoid the hassle of taking pills and the difficulties inherent with poorly tolerated oral supplements. Drawn from deep beneath the earth in Northern Europe, Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil offers concentrated ultra pure magnesium salts along with other trace minerals for topical use. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil breathes life giving magnesium ions into the cells, purifying tissues and bringing overall health. Ancient Minerals is also available in a gelled form and as evaporated bath flakes.

The original topical magnesium and still the most popular, Ancient Minerals Magnesium Products are recommended by:

  • Author of the book Transdermal Magnesium TherapyDr. Mark Sircus, Ac. OMD
  • Author of the The Tao of Health and The Tao of DetoxDaniel Reid


  1. The baths are an untreated, unaltered product, used for thousands of years utilizing the Earth’s natural healing properties.
  2. The baths safe and effective as an aid to detoxification when used according to the bath instructions. One bath releases years of toxic environmental pollutants that have been accumulating–out of your body and into the bathtub.
  3. The baths are inexpensive and do not require costly equipment. They can save you hundreds of dollars and lots of time compared to chelation therapy and other forms of environmental detoxification programs.
  4. The baths can be taken in the privacy of your own home, with minimal inconvenience.
  5. Healing properties can be maximized if used in combination with other cleansing and maintenance programs.
  6. Formulas of all natural spices and herbs have been synergistically tested as well as specific testing for amounts to maximize the effectiveness of each formula.
  7. Has been tested to show that metals and chemicals are removed through the use of these special formulas.
  8. The baths can be used by children and the elderly.
  9. The clay and formula ingredients are all natural.
  10. Test results have shown that the clay detox bath detoxifies metals from the body much faster than other types of chelation.
  11. Our clay formulas have no emulsifiers or chemical additives to them for easier mixing.
  12. We have found no other clay that has as much natural “pulling power” as LL’s Magnetic Clay!
  13. Our Clay Detox Baths specialize in detoxing metals and chemicals.
  14. Has very small amounts of aluminum compared to most bentonites with 67% to 75%.


“Everything you need to know about Enzymes” – Tom Bohager

“It Must Have Been Something I Ate” – Peggy Kotsopoulos

“The Antioxidant Prescription” – Bryce Wylde



Xtreme X20 (available in the clinic)

The great thing about Xtreme X2O is that it actually makes the water “wetter” by lowering the surface tension of water molecules, which dramatically increases your water’s ability to hydrate your body at a cellular level.  When pure minerals are added to purified or distilled water in a sachet (“tea bag”) form like Xtreme X2O, the minerals can be ionized efficiently and made available to your body.  (This means the mineral oxides are released in the water to form hydroxide ions (OH-), which increases the pH of the water.)  X2O is an exclusive and unique nature-made mineral complex delivered in an easy-to-use sachet. With countless testimonies from around the world, people are sharing transformations in their personal health that they directly attribute to X2O.  X2O delivers three main benefits: increasing the alkalinity (pH) of your water, optimizing hydration, and revitalizing your body with 70+ essential trace minerals. This simple and amazingly affordable product naturally transforms your water to help you create a positive transformation in your daily health. Plain water is dead. Bring your water back to life with X2O!

Just one sachet of Xtreme X2O adds vital minerals and electrolytes to your water while it helps hydrate you at the cellular level and provide a boost of alkalinity to your body. In fact, Xtreme X2O is powerful enough to transform standard tap water into a much healthier form of water.