About Michele Kralkay

Michele-KralkayMichele has been interested in Integrative Medicine for several years, dabbling here and there. She got serious about investigating a field suited to her around 1990 when her youngest son was born prematurely, with the accompanying health problems. After spending considerable time and money following conventional medicine practitioner’s advice, her son’s health was not improving. She decided to try a Chinese medicine practitioner. Following his advice for only a few weeks coupled with some home methods, improved her son’s health drastically and he has maintained optimal health since then. Today he is a gifted athlete.

Michele was again reintroduced to Alternative Medicine several years later when her own health suddenly failed. Again conventional medicine alone was unable to help her iatrogenic disease and she turned to alternative therapies. Six months later, she was still alive and better than ever. Her 15-year struggle with high cholesterol was over, as was her 20-year struggle with indigestion and heartburn. Using Natural Nutrition was the most significant therapy used in her case. It just made sense.

She completed studies with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition CSNN) and attained the professional designation as Registered Holistic Nutritionist (also called Holistic Nutritional Consultant) in 2000. She also attained recognition with the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC) until 2008.  At that time she furthered her career by attaining Doctorate of Natural Medicine. She is registered through the Saskatchewan Association of Doctors of Natural Medicine (SADNM). Her education in natural medicine is an ongoing pleasure. She has successfully completed upgrading courses in Hypothyroidism and Sports Nutrition. She also holds practitioner status in Theta Healing, Quantum Touch, Dowsing and Thought Field Therapy.  She continues studies in Homeopathy, Homeotoxicology and Herbology.

Michele continues to be involved with public awareness of natural medicine. She currently serves on the board of the SADNM. She also is a current member of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Association (CSNNAA). Michele is also active in local associations including the Saskatoon Women’s Network (SWN). Michele has recently co-authored her second book.  She is an Internationally Published Best Selling Author. Her new book ‘Rapid Change For Heart Centered Women” is available through Amazon. Please contact her if you wish to obtain her first best selling book “A Cookbook for Naturally Good Health.”